Report: Robocall Tells Ohio Voters To Vote Tomorrow

A robocall paid for by conservative group Americans Future Fund was blasted out to voters in Ohio on Tuesday (election day) telling them to show up to the polls “tomorrow.” The call was received by an SEIU staffer who alerted the Huffington Post, which posted the call’s script and the audio.

Conservative groups are working against a repeal of a new anti-union law in the state that stifles collective bargaining rights for public employees. Ohio Republicans argue that the law is necessary to curtail state and local budgets.

From HuffPo:

Mandy Fraher, a spokeswoman for American Future Fund, acknowledged that automated phone calls were being made on Tuesday telling recipients that the election was being held “tomorrow.” She insisted that the mix-up was due to “gross incompetence on behalf of the phone vendor” and that the group was “working to correct that problem immediately.”