Report: Peyton Manning To Sign With Denver Broncos

ESPN reports that All-Pro quarterback Peyton Manning, who spent fourteen seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, will sign with the Denver Broncos. “Barring a snag during intensified contract negotiations that have commenced under the instruction of the four-time MVP to his agent Tom Condon, according to multiple sources,” ESPN writes. “Once the Manning deal becomes official, Denver will try to trade Tim Tebow, according to sources.”

Manning was released by the Colts in March after he underwent a second surgery to correct a neck pain he had played with for years, which eventually became too much to lead the team effectively. The Colts went 2-14 this season without Manning, giving them the rights to the first pick in the NFL draft, almost certainly be Stanford QB Andrew Luck, who many NFL teams and scouts see as another franchise quarterback. Having both Manning and Luck would likely be unworkable for the team.

On the Denver side, the team will have to trade phenom QB Tim Tebow, who became a media sensation after leading the team to a number of come from behind victories this season and displays of his religious faith on the field. But Tebow’s record as a starter was much better than his stats as a quarterback, far below Manning, who is one of the most efficient passers of all time.