Report: FBI Identifies Person Of Interest In Ricin Letters Sent To Bloomberg And Obama

According to CBS News, the FBI has identified and questioned a person of interest after letters tainted with ricin were sent to President Barack Obama, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Sources told CBS the person of interest was a man who was questioned in Texarkana, Tex. FBI agents also searched a home in nearby New Boston, Tex. 

News station WABC reported the FBI became aware of a man in New Boston after his wife called authorities because “she noticed strange material in her refrigerator and computer searches for ricin.”

In addition to Obama and Bloomberg, Mark Glaze, the director of the pro-gun control group co-founded by Bloomberg, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, also received a ricin-tainted letter. The Secret Service has said there were similarities between all three letters. The letters sent to Bloomberg and Glaze referenced their gun control advocacy. No one was seriously injured by the letters, though the NYPD has said preliminary testing indicated the presence of ricin on the letters sent to both Bloomberg and Glaze.