Report: Deputies Called To Home Of Man Tied To Anti-Muslim Film

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday night were reportedly called to the home of a man tied to the anti-Muslim film blamed for violence and demonstrations in the Middle East this week.

The film’s provenance remains mysterious — people tied to the film have offered conflicting information about their identities and the project to reporters — but on Wednesday the Associated Press tracked down Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, who admitted being the manager of the company that produced the film. Nakoula denied, however, that he was the director of the film, who used the pseudonym Sam Bacile.

According to The Los Angeles Times, authorities were called to Nakoula’s Cerritos, Calif., home on Wednesday. From the Times:

On Thursday morning, no one answered the door at Nakoula’s house in a quiet, well-heeled neighborhood in Cerritos. Three vehicles were parked in front, one in the driveway and two in the middle of the street, apparently parked in haste, one with bags of groceries in the back.


The doorstep was littered with junk mail and a pair of girl’s sneakers, alongside a small statue of Mary holding Jesus.