KY Gunman Criticized Veteran Aide From Paul Before Police Standoff


The Kentucky gunman who shot a police officer Sunday reportedly posted messages to Facebook during the a day-long standoff with police criticizing a lack of help with veterans benefits from Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) office, according to the Cincinnati Inquirer.

“Shots fired at my house. Ensure(sic) to thank senator rand paul and his assistant…for their help,” gunman Michael Vaughan wrote on Facebook before his page was taken down. “Swat team is here…see how well they do when i have night vision too.”

Vaughan placed blame on the government, specifically Paul.

“I appreciate everyone’s comments, but this is something that will happen. KY Guard has the blame…along with the Dept. of the Army and Sen. Rand Paul’s office for not giving a damn about their wounded veterans who asked for help and failed to get it,” he wrote.

Paul’s office told the Enquirer that they work with veterans who need help, but that they cannot disclose specific interactions with individuals.

“Sen. Paul’s office provides assistance to any veteran or other Kentuckian who seeks help with the federal government,” Paul’s communications director, Dan Bayens, said in a statement. “Every request for assistance is handled respectfully and thoroughly. The office also values the privacy of individuals seeking assistance and does not discuss the details of their private situations with the press.”