GOP Rep. Blames Obama For Immigration Reform Failure (VIDEO)

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) on Sunday placed the blame for Congress’ failure to pass immigration reform legislation on President Obama.

“I have come to believe that it is the president that is the largest opponent to immigration reform,” the congressman said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Fox host Chris Wallace cut in to remind Price that Mitt Romney lost among hispanic voters in 2012.

“That doesn’t negate the fact that it was President Obama in 2011 who said the border is secure,” Price responded. “The President was being deceitful with the American people on this.”

“What did he do this weekend to correct that? He went and gave a hyper-partisan commencement speech, and then went and played golf,” he continued. “That’s the frustration that my constituents have and the American people have. This is a president who is disengaged on solving this challenge of immigration.”

The congressman then argued that it’s difficult to work with Obama on immigration reform because he doesn’t enforce existing law.

“And we look forward to working with the President, but how can you work with somebody that the American people don’t trust on this issue, and we can’t trust on this issue? Because we know that he hasn’t enforced the law of the land already,” Price said.

President Obama has deported undocumented immigrants at a faster rate than any other president in history.

Watch the clip via Raw Story: