Conservative Media Freaks Out Over Obama’s ‘Latte Salute’

President Obama set off a conservative media frenzy when he saluted two marines while holding a paper coffee cup in his hand as he disembarked from Marine One.
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President Obama disembarked from Marine One on Tuesday and saluted two Marines with a paper cup in his hand. For conservative talking heads the salute, which was captured in a video that the White House posted to its Instagram account, was proof positive of Obama’s disregard for the military, ignorance of protocol, and general disrespect for the uniform.

Conservative pundits such as Sean Hannity were quick to denounce the President’s salute. Hannity deemed the salute “shocking” as he discussed it with guest Karl Rove on his show on Tuesday night. He drew comparisons between Obama and former President George W. Bush and asked Rove whether Bush would “ever do that.”

Rove called Obama’s actions “disrespectful” after mockingly reenacting the salute given by, in his words, the “chai-swillin’, golf-playin’, basketball trash-talkin'” commander-in-chief.

The disapproval over the salute also found an outlet via Twitter.

Former Congressman and Fox contributor Allen West tweeted:

Fox Radio host and conservative pundit Todd Starnes seemingly couldn’t get over the incident, as he tweeted multiple references to the salute.

And, with perhaps the snappiest headline, The Washington Times dubbed the incident the “Semper Latte.”

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  1. The Presidential habit of returning the salute began with that B-List actor, St. Ronnie of Raygun. Previous Presidents never returned the salute, as the salute is meant to show military subservience to civil power. Hell, even Eisenhower, a friggin General, didn’t return the salute.

    From President Ronald Reagan

    I never ceased to enjoy reviewing our men and women in uniform and hope I started a new tradition for presidents. As commander in chief, I discovered it was customary for our uniformed men and women to salute whenever they saw me. When I’d walk down the steps of a helicopter, for example, there was always a Marine waiting there to salute me. I was told presidents weren’t supposed to return salutes, so I didn’t, but this made me feel a little uncomfortable. Normally, a person offering a salute waits until it is returned, then brings down his hand. Sometimes, I realized, the soldier, sailor, marine, or airman giving me a salute wasn’t sure when he was supposed to lower his hand. Initially, I nodded and smiled and said hello and thought maybe that would bring down the hand, but usually it didn’t. Finally, one night when Nancy and I were attending a concert at the Marine Corps headquarters, I told the Commandant of Marines, “I know it’s customary for the president to receive these salutes, but I was once an officer and realize that you’re not supposed to salute when you’re in civilian clothes. I think there ought to be a regulation that the president could return a salute inasmuch as he is commander in chief and civilian clothes are his uniform.” “Well, if you did return a salute,” the general said, “I don’t think anyone would say anything to you about it.”

    The next time I got a salute, I saluted back. A big grin came over the Marine’s face and down came his hand. From then on, I always returned salutes. When George Bush followed me into the White House, I encouraged him to keep up the tradition.

  2. They’d have preferred he had either a bible or duck call in his hand.

  3. Avatar for hychka hychka says:

    Had any of these freakouts served in the military or are they just mouths?

  4. Cherrypicked political bullshit. Laughable how so many on the stupid Right Wing of American politics got their jimmies in a bunch because President Obama didn’t switch out his coffee and salute crisply as he exited Marine One. Predictably, few seem to know that salute is ridiculous modern political theater begun by President Reagan. Even Dwight Eisenhower NEVER saluted the military as POTUS because he then saw himself as a civilian leader of the military and the free world and it would be improper protocol to do so.

    " Hey President Obummer’! Listen up! Dubya’ Bush’s salute shows the real way to do it as you get off the presidential helicopter or plane." lmao
    No Rightie pundit was upset at all at THIS! (*Or Dubya’s
    cavalier “Watch this drive!” while on the golf course answering a
    question about terrorism and war here and abroad.) Hmm…wonder why?

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