Pope Francis To Priests: Don’t Drive Flashy Cars


Pope Francis implored priests and nuns on Saturday to choose “modest” vehicles, saying he finds it unseemly when he sees the clergy driving flashy automobiles. 

It was the latest call by the new pope to renew the Catholic Church’s focus on the poor, an effort that has helped him win over American liberals. In May, he spoke out against the global financial system and the “cult of money.”

“It hurts me when I see a priest or a nun with the latest model car, you can’t do this,” Pope Francis said in an address to young and trainee priests and nuns, as quoted by Reuters. “A car is necessary to do a lot of work, but please, choose a more humble one. If you like the fancy one, just think about how many children are dying of hunger in the world.”

According to the ANSA news agency, Pope Francis drives a compact Ford Focus.