Poll: Romney Faces Lowest Favorability Rating For Major Party Nominee Since Reagan Years

The Republican nomination officially his and the party’s base seemingly coalescing behind him, Mitt Romney remains hamstrung by a historically low favorability rating, the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll released Tuesday night shows.  

According to the poll, only 40 percent of registered voters nationwide have a favorable view of Romney — the lowest level of popularity for a major party’s presidential nominee since the presidency of Ronald Reagan.  Fifty-one percent view Romney unfavorably, a problem the former Massachusetts governor has been unable to shake throughout the campaign.  It also marks only the second time last fall in ABC/WaPo’s polling that a candidate has been viewed unfavorably by a majority of respondents.

Compounding matters for Romney: his incumbent opponent remains widely liked by the American public.  The poll shows that 50 percent of voters have a favorable view of President Barack Obama, compared with 47 percent who hold an unfavorable view.  

Romney’s favorability rating was last above water in December, according to the PollTracker Average, which currently shows the GOP nominee viewed favorably by 41.5 percent and unfavorably by 45 percent.