Poll: Plurality Wants One Party To Control White House, Congress

A national poll from Quinnipiac University released Wednesday suggested that Americans have had their fill of divided government.

In what might be a hopeful (albeit early) sign for a Democratic Party eager to win back control of the House of Representatives next year, the poll showed that 48 percent of voters nationwide would like one party to control both houses of Congress and the White House. Forty-three percent said they would prefer Congress and the president to be from two different parties. 

A wide majority of Democrats — 64 percent — said they would prefer one-party control, while half of Republicans would rather see split-control.

The poll also found that Democrats claim a slight edge over Republicans heading into next year’s Congressional races. Eighteen months out from the 2014 midterms, 41 percent of voters said they would vote for a Democrat for Congress compared with 37 percent who said they would vote for a Republican.