Poll: Obamacare Opposition Reaches New High


Another poll has shown a significant spike in opposition to the Affordable Care Act amid a problematic rollout of the law.

The latest Washington Post/ABC News survey released Monday found a new high of 57 percent of all Americans opposed to Obamcare, while only 40 percent said they support the health care law.

Only a month ago, the WaPo/ABC poll showed a near-even split on the question: 49 percent said they were opposed to the law, while 46 percent said they supported it.

The latest WaPo/ABC poll also showed a staggering 63 percent disapprove of President Obama’s handling of the law’s rollout. It also showed 55 percent disapprove of Obama’s job performance overall, while only 42 percent approve.

The bumpy launch did little to shift public opinion on the Affordable Care Act in the month of October, but that’s changed dramatically in November.