Poll: Christie’s Approval Rating In New Jersey Hits 73 Percent

The outsized political bump awarded to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) following Hurricane Sandy has not let up, according to a poll released Monday.

According to the latest findings from Fairleigh Dickinson University, 73 percent of registered Garden State voters approve of the job Christie is doing as governor, including 62 percent of Democrats and 90 percent of Republicans. The poll also indicated that Christie is the overwhelming favorite to win re-election in the state’s gubernatorial race this year, besting all would-be Democratic challengers in hypothetical matchups by at least 30 points. 

Moreover, 61 percent of New Jersey voters believe the state is on the right track — an impressive figure in the wake of a devastating natural disaster and perhaps an affirmation of Christie’s post-Sandy stewarship.

The PollTracker Average shows how Christie’s approval rating, which has long been high, has soared to staggering heights following Sandy.