Pennsylvania Reporter Gives Firsthand Account Of Municipal Meeting Shooting


Pocono Record newspaper journalist Chris Reber showed up Monday to a municipal meeting in Ross Township, Penn. as the new reporter on the beat, hoping to make a better impression than his predecessor.

The story he thought he would be covering, however, was upended when a disgruntled resident burst into the meeting and opened fire, killing three people, including at least one town official. 

Reber gave a firsthand account of the shooting to his editors afterwards. In his own words, it was almost surreal:

I crawled out to a hallway and then got outside. There is nothing in reality you can compare it to. It just was not in reality. All I could think was: It wasn’t happening to me.

The gunman was this guy wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt. I saw him go back out to his car — a silver Impala — and get another gun.


I saw him get something out of his car.


I didn’t see blood when I left.


It wasn’t real to me until I went back inside and saw people bleeding.

Read the full firsthand account at the Pocono Record.