House GOP Candidate Ponders Polygamy When Asked About Gay Marriage

When asked about his stance on same-sex marriage on Thursday, the leading Republican candidate for a U.S. House seat from Washington compared gay marriage to polygamy.

“Marriage is something more for religion to decide. Is this marriage or not? Polygamy – is it fine or not? It’s a religion thing,” Pedro Celis said during a GOP candidate forum, according to the Seattle Times.

When asked if he voted in 2012 for the initiative to legalize same-sex marriage, Celis said he didn’t since he “supported civil unions.”

He is the current frontrunner in the GOP primary and is backed by state and national party leaders. If he wins the primary, Celis will challenge Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-WA) in a district that leans Democrat, according to the Cook Political Report.

Celis also gave a confusing response on abortion issues. He said he was pro-life, but he immediately noted that the state law gave women the right to choose, according to the Seattle Times. He then would not say whether he would vote to restrict abortion access if elected.

Image via Pedro Celis for Congress on Facebook