Homes Of GOP Senator’s Neighbors Vandalized With ‘Nazi’ Graffiti

Two homes near the Zionsville, Pennsylvania residence of Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) were vandalized with graffiti smearing Republicans as racist fascists, local TV station KYW reported Monday.

The messages, written in red spray paint on the clapboard walls, read “Nazi, Slavers, Rapists, Cross Worshippers = GOP,” “#Americans Against The Republican Party,” and “Look Out Toomey And You Neo Nazi Republicans.”

Pennsylvania State Police were investigating the incident, which happened over the weekend, KYW reported.

Both Toomey and his Democratic opponent in the Keystone State’s Senate race, Katie McGinty, condemned the vandalism.

“I am sickened by this disgusting, politically-inspired hatred,” Toomey said in a statement sent to KYW. “It has no place in a civilized society. My neighbors are wonderful people who deserve much better. I hope the cowardly criminals who did this are apprehended and punished.”

McGinty called the vandalism “unacceptable” and called for law enforcement to hold those behind the graffiti “accountable.”

Earlier this month, a local North Carolina GOP office was firebombed and defaced with graffiti reading “Nazi Republicans get out of town.” No suspect has been identified in that incident yet.

See photos of the graffiti below taken by KYW’s Greg Argos: