N.C. Republican Posts Open Letter Bashing GOP Senate Candidate Tillis


A North Carolina Republican lawmaker raised concerns last week that U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis is not prepared to campaign against incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) in the general election.

In a scathing open letter on Friday, state Rep. Robert Brawley (R) picks out seven issues he thinks Democrats will use to attack Tillis.

“If they’re going to attack, that’s what I would attack,” Brawley told the News-Observer in an interview published Tuesday. “Every issue in the General Assembly is going to have to be dealt with between now and a November election.”

Brawley questions Tillis’ ethics by pointing out state legislature votes in which Tillis may have sided with special interests groups. He also paints the Senate candidate as a hypocrite by naccusing Tillis of vocalized one position, but supporting another. Brawley even calls Tillis a bully.

“Which Thom is he?” Brawley asks in the letter. “The Thom that says he favors open government yet he fires a chair of finance (me) for not agreeing with him. Thom has occasionally snapped at members and visitors who disagree with him. It was also suggested to Thom’s inner circle to start rumors questioning my mental health. Is that bullying?”

Brawley is a long-time critic of Tillis and has fallen out of favor with the state GOP, according to the News-Courier.

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