Ohio Republicans: No Plans To Change Winner-Take-All Electoral Format

Top Republicans in Ohio, including the governor and secretary of state, are not planning on changing the Buckeye State’s winner-take-all scheme for allotting electoral votes, an idea floated in other GOP-run swing states like Virginia as a way to give Republican candidates a chance at more electoral votes in 2016, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports

Spokesmen for Gov. John Kasich, State Senate President Keith Faber and House Speaker William G. Batchelder told The Plain Dealer this week that they are not pursuing plans to award electoral votes proportionally by congressional district.


Batchelder went a step further, saying through his communications director that he “is not supportive of such a move.” And Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted, the state’s chief elections administrator, emphasized that he does not favor the plan either, despite Democratic suspicions based on reported comments that he said were taken out of context.


“Nobody in Ohio is advocating this,” Husted said in a telephone interview.