Obama Weighs In On Sununu’s Powell Comments

President Obama on Friday weighed in on comments made by Romney surrogate and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, who said on Thursday that former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s endorsement of the president was racially motivated.

“I’ll let Gen. Powell’s statement speak for itself,” Obama told radio host Michael Smerconish in an Oval Office interview on Friday. “I don’t think that there are many people in America who would question Gen. Powell’s credibility, his patriotism, his willingness to tell it straight — so any suggestion that Gen. Powell would make such a profound statement in such an important election based on anything other than what he thought would be best for America doesn’t make much sense.” 

Obama was also asked if he had anticipated television coverage of the first debate to include extensive use of split screens, which highlighted his demeanor.

“There’s no doubt the way they cover the debates have changed over the last four years,” Obama said. “We knew there’d be some splits, I don’t think we anticipated that it was the entire time.”