Obama, Sonia Sotomayor Threw Better First Pitches Than 50 Cent


Several government officials have a better arm than rapper 50 Cent.

The rapper’s wild pitch at Tuesday’s New York Mets-Pittsburgh Pirates game was widely mocked as possibly the worst first pitch ever in baseball. So the team at the Washington Post’s Know More put together a chart Thursday visualizing some of the best and worst ceremonial pitches to determine whether 50 Cent earned that dubious distinction.

Former President George W. Bush put one right in the strike zone during the 2001 World Series (from the mound, no less). Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and former President Bill Clinton threw pretty close to the strike zone as well.

Barack Obama’s first pitch at a Washington Nationals game, however, didn’t exactly measure up to those of his presidential predecessors. But according to the Post’s diagram, that’s still not as bad as 50 Cent’s. Watch below:

President Barack Obama delivers the first pitch of the Washington Nationals home opening baseball game against the Philadelphia Phillies in 2010.

All images via the Associated Press.