Chinese Vendors Suspend ‘Obama-Mao’ T-Shirt Sales When First Lady Visits

Luo wei bj - Imaginechina

Popular merchandise featuring President Barack Obama dressed in a Mao hat disappeared Sunday from vendors’ stalls around China’s famed Great Wall when First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters visited the landmark, according to a pool report.

Reporters covering the first lady’s tour of China stopped at stalls in the parking lot outside the Great Wall to investigate a tip that authorities had told merchants to temporarily suspend sales of the T-shirts, according to the report. Several merchants denied carrying Obama-Mao merchandise but at least one vendor showed the pool reporter a box of T-shirts in the back of her tent priced at roughly $60 each.

The woman quickly put the T-shirts away when other vendors told her in Chinese to be careful, according to the report.

h/t Gawker