Obama Predicts Clinton’s Version Of Birtherism Would Be Sexism (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama predicted that Hillary Clinton’s detractors will use sexist tropes to try to undermine her legitimacy if she wins the election.

“If and when Hillary is president, what do you think will be the female equivalent of ‘you weren’t born in this country?'” Samantha Bee, host of TBS’ “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” asked Obama.

“That’s an interesting question,” Obama mused, adding, “I think the equivalent will be, ‘She’s tired, she’s moody, she’s being emotional.'”

“There’s just something about her?” Bee asked.

“There’s something about her,” Obama echoed. “When men are ambitious, it’s just taken for granted. Well of course they should be ambitious. When women are ambitious, why? That theme, I think, will continue throughout her presidency and it’s contributed to this notion that somehow, she is hiding something.”

“What a nasty woman,” Bee replied, nodding at Donald Trump’s dismissive aside about Clinton during the final presidential debate.

Some of the issues Obama invoked have already cropped up on the campaign trail. Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Trump, and former New York City Rudy Giuliani spent much of the late summer questioning whether Clinton was suffering from a mysterious illness, and Trump routinely attacks the former secretary of state’s stamina.

Watch the full clip of Obama’s Halloween-themed appearance below: