Obama Camp: Romney Still Opposes DREAM Act

Gabriela Domenzain, director of Hispanic press for the Obama campaign, said that Mitt Romney continues to oppose the DREAM Act in a statement Tuesday responding to Romney’s promise not to revoke temporary work permits granted to young illegal immigrants under President Obama’s new deferred action policy.

“Romney’s latest immigration pivot raises more questions than it answers. He still has not said whether he would continue the Administration’s policy that provides a temporary reprieve from deportation for young people who were brought here through no fault of their own. Would he side with his extreme anti-immigration advisors and repeal this measure? What would he do with those who qualify for deferred action but haven’t received it? Would he deport those who have received a deferment when the program expires after two years? We know he called the DREAM Act a ‘handout’ and that he promised to veto it — nothing he has said since contradicts this and we should continue to take him at his word.”