Poll: Obamacare More Popular Than Obama


One poll has found that Obamacare has actually surpassed its namesake in popularity.

The NPR poll released Thursday found that 47 percent of Americans support Obamacare, and 51 percent oppose it. Approval for President Obama himself, on the other hand, sits at 46 percent with 51 percent disapproval.

Breaking down the Obamacare numbers a little further, the 47 percent who support the law outnumber the 44 percent who oppose it because it goes too far. The other 7 percent who oppose it are opposed because it doesn’t go far enough.

The poll, conducted from March 19 to 23, surveyed 950 self-described 2012 voters and 840 likely 2014 voters nationwide. It has a margin of error of 3.18 percentage points.