Newt Gingrich: 38th Vote To Dismantle Obamacare ‘Beginning Of The End’ For Obamacare

Former Republican Speaker of the House and presidential contender Newt Gingrich, who recently joined CNN to co-host a “Crossfire” reboot, believes his party is on the verge of rolling back Obamacare at last.

“Historians will look back on today’s House votes to repeal employer mandate and individual mandate as beginning of the end for Obamacare,” he wrote on Twitter Wednesday.

The vote will mark the GOP’s 38th attempt at repealing or dismantling Obamacare since 2011, in part by pushing a bill that would delay the law’s individual mandate by one year.

Gingrich raised eyebrows during a 2011 Republican primary debate when he claimed his past work lobbying for Freddie Mac was really more about providing “advice as an historian.”