Newt Again Bashes Romney For ‘Very Poor’ Comments

The morning after he was comfortably defeated in the Nevada GOP contest, Newt Gingrich again attacked Mitt Romney over his now-famous “very poor” comments.

“The key from my standpoint is to make this a big choice campaign. You just had a quote from Governor Romney that’s the perfect example,” Gingrich told NBC’s Meet The Press on Sunday. “He says he doesn’t worry much about the very poor, because they have a safety net. Well, the safety net in any ways has become a spider web. It traps them at the bottom. Conservatives, real conservatives, have been trying for years to develop a trampoline effect where we help people leave poverty.”

“And I think there are a series of very big differences about the level of change we would bring to Washington,” he added. “The Wall Street Journal described [Romney’s positions] as timid, and in terms of tax policies being like Obama.”

Gingrich pressed on with a series of attacks on the former Massachusetts governor’s record and policy proposals.

“Our goal is to get to Super Tuesday, which is much more favorable territory,” he said. “We believe by the time Texas is over, we’ll be very, very competitive in delegate count.”