‘Blown Out Of The Sky:’ World Newspapers React To Downed Jet (PHOTOS)

The world’s newspapers on Friday expressed outrage over a Malaysia Airlines jet that was shot down while flying over Eastern Ukraine and mourned the victims of the tragic event.

The Times of London declared MH17 “Blown out of the sky,” while the Netherlands’ AD splashed “In Shock” across its front page. Over half of the 298 people traveling on the doomed jet were Dutch citizens.

It is not yet clear who was responsible for the plane crash, although Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine for the crash, while both the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian rebels in that country have denied shooting down the plane. Nevertheless, the New York Daily News branded the downing of the commercial jet “Putin’s War.”

The Times of London:

The Star Malaysia:

The Toronto Globe and Mail:

de Volkskrant of the Netherlands:

AD of the Netherlands:

The New York Times:

The New York Post:

The Wall Street Journal:

The New York Daily News:

All images via Newseum.