New Yorker Cover Depicts Obama Spoon-Feeding McConnell Medicine (PHOTO)

The latest New Yorker cover features an illustration of President Obama spoon-feeding medicine to a child-sized Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

The cover alludes to the Obama administration’s recent announcement that insurance sign-ups under Obamacare exceeded projected enrollment.

Obamacare was particularly successful in McConnell’s home state. The law cut Kentucky’s uninsured rate by about 40 percent.

“This whole enterprise was just an elaborate excuse,” cover illustrator Barry Blitt told the New Yorker about his cover. “I enjoyed drawing Ted Cruz, John Boehner, and Michele Bachmann as petulant children—and I especially wanted to draw an open-mouthed Mitch McConnell being spoon-fed his meds.”

Image via the New Yorker