Candidate For Governor Films Video Pretending To Be Homeless For A Week

California Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari said Thursday he spent a week pretending to be homeless and he made a video to prove it.

The video featured Kashkari traveling to Fresno, Calif., on July 21 with what he described in the video as “$40 in my pocket, a change of clothes in my backpack, a sleeping bag and I’m going to Fresno to find a job.”

Throughout the week, Kashkari was filmed sleeping on the street, being turned away from jobs and dining at a local homeless shelter.

“This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life,” Kashkari said in the video. “I came to Fresno expecting to be able to find a job, and take care of myself. But it’s been a week and I’ve found nothing.”

In an op-ed on Thursday in The Wall Street Journal, Kashkari said he made the video to experience firsthand whether the “California comeback” being boasted about by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) actually exists for everyday Californians.

“While the politicians who run California pat themselves on the back and claim a ‘California Comeback,’ they willfully ignore millions of our neighbors who are living in poverty,” Kashkari wrote. “California’s most vulnerable citizens deserve leaders who will fight for them. It’s a fight that Republicans should lead.”

Watch the video: