NBC News Issues Correction For Leaving New Hampshire Off Map (VIDEO)

“NBC Nightly News” issued a rare on-air correction Tuesday after, according to anchor Brian Williams, several viewers and a U.S. senator complained that Monday night’s broadcast left New Hampshire off a map depicting a portion of the Northeast.

“New Hampshire’s gone, vanished. It apparently moved to Vermont and then New York took over a bunch of territory and nobody knew it,” Williams said. “Mea culpa and full disclosure, New Hampshire was lost by our graphics department. It has since been found and put back.”

Williams went on to offer a series of facts about New Hampshire. He did not say which senator had complained, but Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) later tweeted a thank-you to “Nightly News” for the correction.

Watch the factoid-loaded correction below, courtesy of NBC News: 

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[h/t Craig Silverman]