GOPer Drops Out Of Colorado Election Due To White Supremacist Ties

A Republican running for the Colorado state House of Representatives dropped out of the race Thursday after his arrest record and connections to white supremacist movements came to light.

“I didn’t think things all the way through,” the former candidate, Nate Marshall, told the Denver Post on Thursday. A day earlier, the Post highlighted that Marshall, a 42 year old construction worker, had been arrested and also made offensive comments about Muslims and gay people.

Marshall also wrote that the Denver Police had “every right” to shoot members of the Occupy Denver movement, which he also called “scumbags.” Marshall, according to the Post, also formed an online organization called The Aryan Storm.

Marshall said he he was not given enough time to sufficiently explain his arrest related to a Craigslist rental scam on his campaign website or scrub the internet of some of the things he’d posted.

Marshall received the Republican nomination to run for Rep. Max Tyler’s (D) seat at the Jefferson County Republican assembly roughly a week earlier.

Both Democrats and Republicans denounced Marshall on Thursday.

“Nate Marshall does not reflect the values of the Republican Party,” Jefferson County Republican Party Chairman Bill Tucker said according to the Post. “We strongly oppose his continued candidacy and demand he end his campaign.”

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