GOPer: Harassment Accusations Show That I Don’t ‘Easily Back Down’


Republican Senate candidate Dr. Monica Wehby, who’s challenging Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), explained that police reports detailing accusations of showing up at one ex’s house multiple times uninvited and striking another with a pad of paper shows her “very strong conviction” and that she’s “a very committed, determined person.”

“I think that the thing to learn from that is that I am a person who will stand up for what I believe in,” Wehby said Monday in response to the police reports according to The Associated Press. “I’m a person who doesn’t easily back down. I will fight for Oregonians with very strong conviction. I’m a very committed, determined person.”

Right around the time of the Oregon primary two reports surfaced that detailed disagreements between Wehby and her exes. One report said that Wehby’s ex-boyfriend accused her of stalking him. Another report detailed how her ex-husband accused her of “ongoing harassment.”

Wehby brushed off the police reports and added that she’s friends with both men.

“Nobody is perfect. Nobody wants to have every single aspect of their life scrutinized,” Wehby said. “But you know, I kind of like people who aren’t perfect; they’re easier for me to relate to.”

Wehby also said Democrats’ focus on her personal life shows they think she’s a serious threat to Merkley. The incumbent Democratic senator has refused to comment on the police reports even though his campaign has criticized the Republican challenger for avoiding the press.

“I think he knows that he can’t win on the issues … and that’s the first thing you do is attack the messenger when you can’t win on the issues,” Wehby said.