Michele Bachmann Says Obama Needs A ‘Spanking’ (VIDEO)

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) had some strong words Monday for President Barack Obama’s use of executive orders, specifically in the immigration battle, warning that the GOP should focus on giving the president a “spanking” through his “checkbook.”

“He has a perpetual magic wand and nobody’s given him a spanking yet and taken it out of his hand,” Bachmann said in an interview with WorldNetDaily. “That’s what Congress needs to do, give the president a major wake-up call. And the way we spank the president, we do it through the checkbook. We have the power of the purse. The most powerful body in Washington D.C. is the United States House of Representatives, of which I’m honored to be a part.”

She continued, asking “what is wrong with us that we would give the president ten cents to fund Obamacare?”

(h/t Washington Post)