Megyn Kelly Hits CNN For Hiring Ex-Trump Aide Corey Lewandowski (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly criticized rival network CNN on Thursday for hiring Donald Trump’s fired campaign manager Corey Lewandowski just days after he was ousted.

“This is the same guy who has threatened more than one journalist in the course of this campaign, has had some very ugly language attributed to him when it comes to women,” Kelly reminded viewers. “And now he will be getting paid by Donald Trump one day and by CNN the next.”

Her guest, Fox News’ Howard Kurtz, said Lewandowski handled his firing with “class,” but also knocked CNN’s timing.

“For CNN to hire him 12 minutes after he was fired is to use, one of Trump’s famous words, sad,” Kurtz said, as quoted by Politico. “It’s really sad.”

Kelly also speculated about an “awkward” potential meeting at the network between those Lewandowski has had run-ins with – CNN reporter Noah Gray, who Lewandowski threatened last year to “fucking blacklist” among them – and the newly hired political commentator.

“Think how the CNN reporter over there feels, the one that he threatened,” Kelly said. “I hope they don’t bump into each other in the green room, that’ll be awkward. It’s really remarkable.”

Watch an edit of Kelly’s remarks via Politico: