McCain Chides Cruz For Comparing Defunding Skeptics To Nazi-Appeasers


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) chided Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Wednesday for comparing those who were skeptical of defunding Obamacare to appeasers of Nazi Germany.

“I spoke to Senator Cruz about my dissatisfaction about his use of this language and he said he only intended it to be applied to pundits and not to members of the Senate,” McCain, a veteran, said on the Senate floor following over 21 hours of extended remarks by the junior senator from Texas. “I find that a difference without a distinction. I find that something that I think I had to respond to.”

“I do not begrudge Senator Cruz or any other senator who wants to come and talk as long as they want to or as long as they can, depending on the rules of the senate, but I do disagree strongly to allege that there are people today who are like those who, prior to world War II, didn’t stand up and oppose the atrocities that were taking place in Europe,” he added.

“Because I have an open and honest disagreement with the process of not agreeing to move forward with legislation which i agree with,” he said, “which was passed through the House of Representatives, and comparing it to those who appeased, who were the appeasers, as Senator Cruz described them, is an inappropriate place for debate on the floor of the United States Senate.”