GOP Rep. Calls For Release Of Trump’s Tax Returns At Town Hall


During a town hall in Florida on Thursday freshman Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called for President Donald Trump to release his tax returns following a question from an attendee.

Donna Waters, a 56-year-old Pensacola resident, told Gaetz, “There are allegations that a hostile foreign country is committing acts of undeclared war by infiltrating the highest levels of our government,” according to CNN.

“You are on the Judiciary Committee. You have said they are going to investigate the Russian allegations. Yes or no, Yes or no — let me ask my question — will you call for the release of President Trump’s income tax returns?” she then asked.

As Gaetz prepared to answer the question, members of the audience began to shout, “Yes or no,” per CNN.

“Absolutely, Donald Trump should release his tax returns,” the congressman then replied, though he did not say that Congress should subpoena the tax returns, according to CNN.

Throughout his town hall, members of the crowd booed and jeered at Gaetz, CNN reported.

He was also pressed on plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and his push to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, according to the Washington Post. And even though he called for Trump to release his tax returns, he said he would support the President.

“I do not agree with President Trump on every issue, I do not agree with any human being on Planet Earth on every issue, but I support President Trump and I’m going to back him up,” he said, according to CNN.