Madeline Albright: Romney’s Attack On Obama’s Israel Policy ‘Ludicrous’

Appearing on CNN Wednesday, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright decried Mitt Romney’s criticism of President Obama over Israel policy “ludicrous.”

“Well, I think that’s one of the more ludicrous statements that was made in Tampa,” she said.

Albright was referring to Romney’s argument that Obama’s foreign policy has been perilous for the security of Israel and enhanced the likelihood that Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon.

“And Governor Romney, I think, needs to examine what President Obama’s record has been on Israel,” she said. “And also to hear what many Israeli officials say in terms of President Obama’s support for Israel. As you know, helping on some of the military issues, the iron dome complex. Giving Israel a military edge. I truly think that is a statement that makes absolutely no sense by Governor Romney along with a few others.”

The Democratic convention hit a snag Wednesday when, under criticism, the party platform was revised to support Jerusalem being Israel’s capital.