Louisiana Nat’l Guard Won’t Process Benefits For Same-Sex Couples


The Louisiana National Guard plans to ignore a Pentagon order directing the military to process benefits for same-sex couples because the state Constitution does not recognize gay marriage, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported Wednesday.

“The state of Louisiana does not recognize same-sex marriage, nor does it allow state officials to take part in an act that recognizes same-sex marriage. We would refer those individuals interested in applying for such benefits to seek guidance at a federal military installation,” Lt. Col. Michael Kazmierzak, a spokesman for the state’s National Guard, told the newspaper.

Gays in the military were able to begin applying for benefits on Tuesday, following the Pentagon’s announcement that it would recognize same-sex marriages. Since that announcement, Texas and Mississippi appear to be the only other states with a ban on gay marriage that have also decided to limit benefit requests from same-sex military couples.