NJ Republican Says Obama Guilty Of Worse ‘Abuse Of Power’ Than Christie


Republican New Jersey congressional candidate Steve Lonegan issued a statement Monday in which he suggested the scandal surrounding Gov. Chris Christie (R) pales in comparison to questions raised about President Barack Obama.

“Abuse of power is a serious offense at every level of government. The reason for the uproar over the George Washington Bridge closing is that it was a clear abuse of power. Governor Chris Christie acted immediately when he was presented with evidence showing that some of his staff had been involved. The Governor fired those staff members and took responsibility,” Lonegan said. “When the IRS was caught abusing its power by going after our fellow citizens illegally. President Obama responded by firing no one and has accepted no responsibility for the actions within his administration.”

Lonegan continued by praising Christie’s conduct as correct and urging an investigation into Obama’s role in the IRS uproar.

“Abuse of power is wrong and should be pursued. Yet Governor Christie acted correctly, while President Obama did not. We are still waiting for Lois Lerner to be punished, for others to be found culpable and for a full investigation to take place,” said Lonegan. “Yes, we should get to the bottom of the abuse of power in Trenton, and yes, we should get to the abuse of power emanating from the Obama White House.”