Lone House GOPer Explains ‘No’ Vote On Defunding Obamacare


Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA), the lone House Republican to vote against a government spending bill that would defund Obamacare, explained that he opposed the bill because it kept sequestration in place.

“This CR fails to address the sequester that is negatively impacting those who wear our nation’s uniform and is the result of Congress’ inability to pass the 12 appropriations bills necessary to properly fund the government on time,” Rigell, who represents a district that President Obama carried in 2012, said in a statement. “What is needed is a comprehensive solution to our nation’s fiscal challenges, including a replacement for sequestration.”

Rigell’s office added, though, that he “appreciated leadership’s effort to defund the health care law as part of the appropriations process and agrees it should be defunded.”

The House bill passed Friday 230-189.