Levin: Only Way To Hold Clapper Accountable Is For President To ‘Fire Him’

Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Tuesday that the only way to hold Director of National Intelligence James Clapper accountable for his testimony on National Security Agency data collection would be for President Obama to potentially “fire him,” The Hill reported.

“How do you hold him accountable?” Levin said at an event hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, as quoted by The Hill. “I guess the only way to do that would be for the president to, somehow or other, fire him. I think he’s made it clear that he regrets saying what he said. I don’t want to call on the president to fire him, although I’m troubled by this.”

Clapper acknowledged in a letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee dated June 21 that his response to the committee at a March hearing was “erroneous.” Clapper had told the committee that his agency wasn’t collecting data on millions of Americans.