Legally Blind Man Shoots Nephew During Suspected Break-In


Police said they were investigating a shooting that occurred in Tampa Bay, Fla., after a legally blind man shot his nephew during a suspected break-in early Monday morning.

Television station WTVT spoke with Melchisedec Williams who said he heard loud crashing noises and saw a bright light before he fired his gun at the intruder who turned out to be his 15-year-old nephew. Williams said his nephew broke into his home through a window and grabbed two steak knives from his kitchen.

“I guess he was coming to do me bodily harm,” Williams told a WTVT reporter.

When Williams shot the intruder he realized it was his nephew because he recognized his moan after he was shot. Williams said his nephew then escaped through a window and ran away from the house.

Police said Williams’ nephew is in the hospital being treated for serious injuries but that he is expected to survive, WTVT reported.