King: Russia Not ‘Cooperative’ With Sochi Intelligence Sharing


Rep. Peter King (R-NY), chair of the House counterterrorism and intelligence subcommittee, on Sunday said that the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are “threatened,” especially since Russia will not share its intelligence with the U.S.

“I cannot give them 100 percent guarantee,” he said on ABC’s “This Week” when asked whether the Soci Olympics will be safe. “The fact is that these are going to be very much threatened Olympics. Probably more than any we’ve had in our past, more than Greece, certainly more than London or China.”

King said that Russian officials will not share their intelligence with other countries, which makes it difficult for nations to collaborate to prevent terrorist attacks.

“I can’t emphasize enough, the Russians have not been cooperative as far as sharing intelligence,” he said. “The Russians don’t want to share what they have, because they’re afraid that that will enable us to learn how they obtain their intelligence and we’ll use it against them in the future.”