Trump’s Campaign Manager Says She Wouldn’t Have Attacked Accusers’ Looks


Donald Trump’s campaign manager on Monday distanced herself from Trump’s tactic of targeting the appearances of the women who’ve accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior over the past week.

“It’s not how I would answer the question,” Kellyanne Conway said in an appearance on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” responding to a clip of Trump saying at a Friday rally that Jessica Leeds, 74, “would not be my first choice.”

Leeds accused Trump of groping her when they sat next to each other in the first class cabin of an airplane in the early ’80s.

Trump called also called Leeds “horrible” at the same rally.

In reference to another accuser, former People Magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff, Trump encouraged his supporters to “check her Facebook page, you’ll understand.”

Stoynoff, who was writing a profile of Trump and his wife Melania for their first wedding anniversary in 2005, accused Trump of forcibly kissing her when Melania went upstairs to change outfits for a photo shoot.

Conway went on to describe Trump’s frustration at his sense of being treated unfairly by the media.

“He’s very frustrated, because he’s denied these allegations. He’s simply said he didn’t do it. And frankly, when it comes to– I know you’re cherrypicking different quotes that he’s said here and there, but I think the one that’s most important to your viewers, anyway, as an objective journalist, would be the one where he has denied all these allegations,” she said.

Minutes later, when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Conway in a separate interview if she wished Trump “wouldn’t have made fun of these women,” Conway replied, “I would not say those things.”

Watch the MSNBC exchange below: