Jon Stewart Tackles Obamacare Site: ‘How Are Democrats Gonna Spin This Turd?’ (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart is confident that Democrats could gain an overwhelming political advantage over Republicans — if only they could accomplish a “mildly competent implementation” of the health care law they fought to pass.

On Monday’s “Daily Show” Stewart was perplexed by the technical issues plaguing the Obamacare web portal, from delays and time outs to a broken calculator.

“So the first step doesn’t work,” Stewart said after playing a clip of a news report explaining users’ issues logging on to the website, joking “I have a feeling after that it’s smooth sailing.”

“The whole point of websites is to design them so that it is nearly impossible to not sign up for something,” Stewart continued. He argued that is designed to trick him into purchasing things like six seasons of “Night Court” on DVD, prompting him to ask, “How are Democrats gonna spin this turd?”

Watch below: