Jon Stewart Mocks ‘Nuclear Option’: It’s ‘Like Hiroshima Of Voting’ (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart surveyed the “nuclear” fallout on Thursday following the Senate’s vote to eliminate the filibuster for judicial nominees, and it looked more mundane than bleak.

“So deciding to allow majority rules to incrementally increase governmental efficiency and presidential appointments is so unthinkably extreme, it’s the ‘nuclear option’?” he asked. “It’s just like Hiroshima of voting.”

Stewart also mocked Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for threatening to eliminate the filibuster entirely in retaliation for the Democrat’s move.

“Mark my words! One day you Democrats will want to be obstructionist a**holes, making a mockery of our system of government!” he said. “And who will be laughing then? Turtle Man.”

But once the “nuclear option” was triggered, Stewart knew history was made.

“Once judicial nominees could be confirmed by simple majority, Christmas was abruptly cancelled, and babies were born knowing all the curse words,” he said.