Stewart Rips GOP Hypocrisy On Climate Change, Bergdahl Swap (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart wondered on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show” why Republican politicians offer their opinions on things like climate change if they qualify those opinions by admitting they’re no experts.

In particular Stewart ripped into House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), the Republicans’ “top climatologist,” for saying he’s “not qualified to debate the science over climate change.”

“Then why do you?” Stewart said. “Even though he’s only got a B.A. in gut feelings, it’s not like that lack of qualification has stopped him from having that debate.”

If Republicans are experts on anything, though, it’s hostage negotiations, Stewart said.

Cue Lt. Col. Oliver North, who helped sell missiles to Iran in the 1980s to free U.S. prisoners in Lebanon before using the proceeds to fund Nicaraguan rebels. North has been all over conservative media this week demanding to know whether a ransom was paid to free Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from his Afghan captors.

“Does this make you mad because it’s gone mainstream?” Stewart mocked North. “‘I was into using American taxpayer money to arm terrorist groups way before it was cool.'”

North also slammed the Obama administration for allowing the details of the Bergdahl deal to leak out so messily, calling it a “disaster.”

“Finally, some practical advice from an informed voice on the right,” Stewart said. “You can overstep your authority, just lie the sh*t out of it afterwards.”

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: