John Oliver Finally Takes On Trump’s Fragile Ego, Lawsuits And Lack Of Policy (VIDEO)

John Oliver entered the fray of the 2016 presidential campaign on Sunday night’s episode of “Last Week Tonight” by finally talking Donald Trump.

In a nearly 22-minute-long segment, Oliver talked about Trump’s fragile ego (and allegedly small hands), his failed business ventures, propensity to threaten ligation and his “shitty lifestyle brand.”

Trump constantly changes policy positions, occasionally advocating for torture, Oliver said.

“He might say he was joking or he’s changed his mind about any of these things. And private individuals are allowed to change their minds, we all do it. But when he’s sworn in as President on Jan. 20, 2017, on that day, his opinions are going to matter. You will remember that date because it’s the one time-travellers from the future will come back to to try and stop the whole thing from happening,” Oliver said.

Watch the clip via HBO: