Georgia GOPer: Voting With Boehner Doesn’t Make You Conservative


In the Georgia Senate Republican primary, it seems supporting your party’s national leader could be a liability.

Rep. Paul Broun, a tea party favorite, ripped his establishment rival Rep. John Kingston Monday for his support of House Speaker John Boehner. Kingston voted for Boehner’s speakership last year; Broun opposed it. Broun questioned Kingston’s conservative credentials, given his allegiance to Boehner, following a National Journal report on each member’s ideological voting record.

“Congressman Kingston conveniently fails to explain that the National Journal uses Speaker Boehner’s position on issues as the benchmark definition of conservative,” Broun said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “By that logic, the more one votes with the Speaker, the more conservative he is. While we all wish that was a reliable measure of conservative, experience has taught that it’s not.”