Joe Scarborough Says He Might Vote For Third Party If Newt Is GOP Nominee

MSNBC host and former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough has made no secret of his dislike for Newt Gingrich, but he took the tough talk to a new level this morning. Here are his commnets, via The Hill:

If I have to choose between Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich — a guy that George Will said would have been a marvelous Marxist and who is the opposite of being a small-government conservative — if Ron Paul’s running as a third-party candidate, I’m going to give him a long look.

His main reason – Gingrich’s supposed fondness for ‘big government’ – echoes recent comments by Glenn Beck, who said yesterday:

“If I have a gun to my head, I’ll vote for Mitt Romney [in the general election], and if it’s Newt Gingrich and there’s a third party and it’s Ron Paul — and I don’t agree with his Middle Eastern policy, at all — I might consider Ron Paul as a third party.”