Scarborough’s Latest Hillary Rant: ‘She’s A Robot’ (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough went on a bit of a rant on Monday saying that Hillary Clinton has been too much of a “robot” as she hints plans to run for President in 2016. Scarborough, in a tangent on Morning Joe, said politicians like Clinton need to stop teasing out whether they’re going to run for President and just say so.

“What Hillary Clinton has done over the past year or so is why Americans hate politics…It just is…You’re secretary of State,” Scarborough said. “You play it safe. You then write a book. You say absolutely nothing. You go around on a glorified book tour where you say absolutely nothing, you want people to ask you to run for President so you can say ‘we’re not running for President, we don’t know yet.’

“Then you go to these stupid events and then you —I mean you’re either running or you’re not running,” Scarborough said, his voice a few octaves higher than before.

Clinton, Scarborough said, has shown “no creativity or spontaneity” lately.

“Like —no creativity, no spontaneity, nothing from the heart. This is Hillary Clinton’s problem for people that know her and like her, like I know her and like her. But she puts on that political hat and then she’s a robot,” Scarborough said. “And she goes through the motions, she doesn’t ever reveal herself, she didn’t do it against Barack Obama, that’s why she lost in 2008. And it wasn’t against her back was against the wall that she had to stop acting like a robot on the campaign trail and start acting like herself that she started winning.”

But, Scarborough continued, Clinton has been acting like a robot for the past two years “while people are getting their heads carved off” -likely a reference to the recent beheadings by the terrorist group ISIS.

“This is not a game,” Scarborough said. “This is not some little chess match. This is something that actually matters.”

Scarborough then expanded to major political families and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R).

“You know if you want to run, run,” Scarborough said. “If you want to save America then get your ass out there and save America. Stop playing your stupid political games. Because more people are out of work and if they do have jobs they have two or three crappy jobs. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, terrorists are carving heads off of people who are trying to help the middle east and you’re sitting around playing games rubbing your hands together like you’re Hamlet on whether you’re going to run or not.

“Hey Jeb, if you’re going to run, run,” Scarborough said. “And if you’re not going to run just tell us that want people to talk about you so you can make more money giving speeches or having people pay attention to you. Hillary if you’re going to run, just say you’re going to run, and stop playing games.”

Scarborough’s rant comes a day after Clinton appeared at Sen. Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) Iowa Steakfry event.

“Hey Hillary, lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. I don’t want to see you eating steak,” Scarborough yelled. “I want to see you talking about how we’re going to stop ISIS, not behind some cute little prepackaged plan that some of your handlers fixed up or somebody helped you write in a book.”

Scarborough then went back to Jeb Bush.

“If you’re the savior of the Republican party, then get out there,” Scarborough continued. “Or listen to your mom, or stay at home.”

Cohost Mika Brzezinski then read a quote from Clinton suggesting she had not decided on whether she would run or not yet.

“Oh shut up!” Scarborough said. Brzezinski then tried to get Scarborough to end his rant.

“If you’re going to run, run!” Scarborough said.

Watch the clip of Scarborough below: